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Under order of the Federal Court, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) is now accepting renewal applications for DACA.  This is only for persons who have previously been granted DACA.

The California Processing Center of CIS is taking from 9 to 12 months to process DACA renewals. For this reason, at Fuente Missions we recommend filing applications to renew in 9 months before the expiration date.

We are awaiting the conclusion of various lawsuits in federal court to see what will happen with this program.

Even still, the solution lies with Congress.  Please contact your senators and representatives and ask that they pass a solution for these young people before they revert to undocumented status.


Adjustment of Status for TPS (Immediate Relatives of a United States Citizen)

The Federal Court of Appeals 9th Circuit, in the case of Ramírez v. Brown, ordered that persons with TPS are considered to have been “inspected and admitted” and as such they satisfy the requirements of being considered nonimmigrants for purposes of adjustment of status in the United States.  This means that persons with TPS who are immediate family members of a citizen can apply for permanent residence in the United States without having to appear at a United States consulate or embassy in their country of nationality.

WARNING: Persons who have had a case in Immigration Court should take care their case is properly concluded before applying for Adjustment of Status.