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No More Adjustment of Status for TPS

On June 7, 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Temporary Protected Status (TPS) does not constitute “lawful admission” in terms of eligibility for adjustment of status. Persons who would apply for adjustment of status must be otherwise eligible to file.


June 2021 ~ Priority Dates

IMPORTANT:  There are two dates in each category.  The date on top in black type is the priority date for which an immigrant visa number is available. The bottom date (in red parentheses)  is the date for which CIS will accept applications for adjustment of status in this month. However, CIS is accepting applications in categories that have a “C”.





Family WORLD*
1st 01NOV14   (01MAR16) 01NOV14  (01MAR16) 01NOV14  (01MAR16) 01MAY98   (15MAY00) 22FEB12   (15MAY14)
2A          C   (01MAY21)          C   (01MAY21)           C    (01MAY21)            C   (01MAY21)            C   (01MAY21)
2B 22AUG15   (15AUG16) 22AUG15 (15AUG16) 22AUG15 (15AUG16) 08SEP99  (08AUG00) 15OCT11   (01AUG13)
3rd 01SEP08   (01AUG09) 01SEP08   (01AUG09) 01SEP08  (01AUG09) 15NOV96   (08SEP00) 08JUN02   (08JUL03)
4th 08DEC06   (01OCT07) 08DEC06 (01OCT07) 08MAY05   (01DEC05) 01SEP98   (08MAY99) 08JUN02   (08AUG03)

*All countries not specified.